Genetics is an ever changing and complex field that requires specially trained genetics professionals to interpret genetic information and risks.

Our company provides you with a service to ensure that your patients are receiving the most up to date and accurate information based on the risks in their genetic test results, family and personal medical history, and other important health information. 

GeneScreen offers a seamless solution to the continuing dilemma of interpretaion of family history, genetic risks and genetic testing.

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GeneScreen is dedicated to providing your patients with the best possible genetic counseling experience.

We identify genetic risks through our counseling session with your patients so they are able to make the most informed choices about their healthcare and management. We compassionately counsel about genetic testing results, family and personal medical histories and other risks so that your patients are educated and empowered. 

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Because GeneScreen is an independent genetic counseling company, we have the ability to order the testing that best suits the patient’s needs and insurance coverage. We can order a variety of tests from multiple labs due to the fact that we are not affiliated with any lab, organization or institution.

As part of preventative care, we are also able to provide genetic counseling to help patient’s acquire pre-authorization for certain tests such as hereditary cancer genetic testing.

 As part of the preauthorization process GeneScreen provides the patient with genetic counseling about the testing ordered. During this counseling session we review hereditary cancer syndromes, personal and family medical histories, insurance criteria and the risks, benefits and limitations of genetic testing. We also review the impacts of each type of result for the patient and their family members. Specifically we discuss The Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act of 2008 and how it is applicable to their genetic testing and results. 

GeneScreen has the ability to provide pre and post-test genetic counseling for a multitude of genetic tests, whether they are ordered by you the provider or by GeneScreen. We pride ourselves in helping your patients to best understand their risks in order to make the most informed decisions.

Providers are able to refer their patients to GeneScreen either before or after a test is ordered. This ensures that the patient is adequately counseled about the risks, benefits and limitations of pursuing the testing along with the possible implications of genetic results. Once results are available we highly recommend that the patient has a follow-up genetic counseling appointment to review the implications of the current results.

After every genetic counseling appointment, we generate a detailed report concerning what was discussed with the patient. This report is then sent directly back to you, the referring provider, so that you have a record of the genetic counseling appointment. The referral process is as simple as faxing our GeneScreen referral form with any appropriate medical records faxed directly to us. 

We are able to reach out to patients to schedule their appointment within a timely manner so that they are seen as soon as possible. Unlike other genetic counseling programs, we do not have long wait times for appointments and we have very flexible hours to accommodate our patients.